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4310R-101-472LF Thick Film SIP Resistor Network manufactured by Bourns.

Available from Euro-Tech stock is part number 4310R-101-472LF resistor network from Bourns.

Available in 10 PIN SIP package.

Part Number: 4310R-101-472LF / 4310R-101-472.

Description: Resistor Network 10 Pin, 1.25W, Bussed - RoHS Compliant. 2006+ Date Code.

Manufacturer: Bourns

Features: Flexible leads for thermal expansion, Flameproof, Induction less than 10 nH, solderable pads.

Price: £0.08GBP each. Lots of 1000 pieces.

Quantity: There are currently 29,000+ pieces available.

A full data sheet for 4310R-101-472LF is available to download here: download 4310r-101-472LF data sheet


4310R outline drawing

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