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Parts Listing - TDK-EPC

  Part   Description   Manufacturer
 B41570E9109Q  ELCO SCREW TERM 10000UF 100V 105C LONG LIFE 64,3X80,7MM  TDK-EPC
 B41570E9228Q  ELCO SCREW TERM 2200UF 100V 105C LONG LIFE 35,7X80,7MM  TDK-EPC
 B41605A338M9  SNAP IN 3300UF 55V  TDK-EPC
 B41690A7708Q7  ELCO AXIAL 7000UF 35V 150C 2000H 21X49  TDK-EPC
 B41821A6108M2  ELCO RAD 1000UF 50V 85C 2000H 2MM 5X11  TDK-EPC
 B41821A6226M  CAP ALUMINUM 22UF 50VDC 20% 5 X 11MM RDL 2MM 9 OHM 95MA 2000 HR BULK  TDK-EPC
 B41821A9227M  ELCO RAD 220UF 100V 85C 2000H 5MM 12,5X25MM  TDK-EPC
 B41851A5228M  ELCO RAD 2200UF 25V 105C 2000H 5MM 12,5X25MM  TDK-EPC
 B41851A8227M8  ELCO RAD 220UF 63V 105C 2000H 5MM 10X16MM REEL  TDK-EPC
 B41851B9476M  ELCO RAD 47UF 100V 105C 2000H 5MM 10X12,5MM  TDK-EPC
 B41851F7108M8  ELCO RAD 1000UF 35V 105C 2000H 5MM 12,5 X 20  TDK-EPC
 B41858C4688M  SINGLE-ENDED 6800 UF 16 V  TDK-EPC
 B41858C6278M  SINGLE-ENDED 2700 UF 50 V  TDK-EPC
 B41868W7227M  ELCO RAD 220UF 35V 150C 1000H 5MM 10X20  TDK-EPC
 B41896C7227M  ELCO RAD 2200UF 35V 3000H 7,5MM 18X35  TDK-EPC
 B41896D7128M  SINGLE-ENDED 1200 UF 35 V  TDK-EPC
 B43305A2338M  ELCO SNAP IN 3300UF 200V 85C 2000H 35X55MM  TDK-EPC
 B43305B9687M  ELKO SNAP IN 680UF 400V 85C 2000H 35X40MM  TDK-EPC
 B43456A5338M  ELCO SCREW TERM 3300UF 450V 85C 76,9X105,7MM  TDK-EPC
 B43456A9158M  ELCO SCREW TERM 1500UF 400V 85C 51,6X80,7MM  TDK-EPC
 B43458A9338M  ELCO SCREW TERM 3300UF 400V 85C 64,3X105,7MM  TDK-EPC
 B43501A3686M  ELCO SNAP-IN 68UF 385V 85C 10000H LOW ESR 22X25  TDK-EPC
 B43501A5157M  ELCO SNAP-IN 150UF 450V 85C 5000H 30X35MM  TDK-EPC
 B43501A5476M  ELCO SNAP-IN 47UF 450V 85C 10000H LOW ESR 22X25MM  TDK-EPC
 B43501A5477M  ELCO SNAP-IN 470UF 450V 85C 10000H LOW ESR 35X50MM  TDK-EPC
 B43501A6477M2  ELCO SNAP IN 470UF 500V 85C 10000H 35X55  TDK-EPC
 B43501A9277M  ELCO SNAP-IN 270UF 400V 85C 10000H LOW ESR 30X35MM  TDK-EPC
 B43501A9337M  ELCO SNAP-IN 330UF 400V 85C 10000H LOW ESR 30X45MM  TDK-EPC
 B43501A9477M  ELCO SNAP-IN 470UF 400V 85C 10000H LOW ESR 35X45MM  TDK-EPC

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