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Panasonic Built in sensors

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Please see the list below for a range of popular Panasonic built-in sensors that Euro-Tech is able to supply.

Panasonic Acceleration sensor

  Acceleration Sensor GS1, GS2.
  • 1 and 2 axis detection types
  • High precision and high sensitivity
  • Minimal temperature fluctuation

Panasonic Accelerometer / Tilt sensor

Accelerometer / Tilt sensor

  Stand-alone sensor for dynamic acceleration and static inclination detection.

Panasonic Light sensors

Light sensors

  Analog light sensors for which the photocurrent is proportional to illumination (linear output).

Panasonic PaPIRs motion sensor

PaPIRs motion sensor

  High-end, passive infrared sensors for detecting people.

Panasonic MP motion sensors

MP motion sensors

  Passive infrared motion sensors for detecting radiation changes in the infrared range.

Panasonic MA motion sensors

MA motion sensors

  Highly sensitive active infrared motion sensors.

Panasonic Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor

  Pressure sensor with built-in amplifier and temperature compensation.

Panasonic Direct water pressure sensor

Direct water pressure sensor

  Stand-alone sensor for detecting water pressure.



If you have a requirement for Panasonic / NAiS / Aromat product Euro-Tech are happy to help.

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