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Panasonic RS (ARS) Relays

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Product Description.

panasonic RJ Series Electromechanical Relay

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Typical Applications:

Size in mm (LxWxH) 14x8.6x7
Switching Current (min, max) DC: 0.5A
Max. switching voltage 30V DC
Contact arrangement 1c
Breakdown voltage between open contacts 500Vrms
Breakdown voltage between contact sets -
Breakdown Voltage contacts to coil 1000Vrms
Surge withstand voltage -
Coil voltage (DC) 3, 4.5, 9, 12, 24V
Coil power Single side stable: 200mW
1 coil latching: 200mW
2 coil latching: 400mW
Mounting method PCB, SMT


Ordering Information.

panasonic RS series electromechanical relay ordering information


If you have a requirement for Panasonic / NAiS / Aromat product Euro-Tech are happy to help.

Please call us on +44 (0) 208 760 7300, email us at or use the form below to contact us.

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Part Numbers in this range include:
ARS1403 ARS1503 ARS1603 ARS144H ARS154H ARS164H ARS1409 ARS1509 ARS1609 ARS1412 ARS1512 ARS1612 ARS1424 ARS1524 ARS162A ARS1003 ARS1103 ARS1203 ARS1303 ARS104H ARS114H ARS124H ARS134H ARS1009 ARS1109 ARS1209 ARS1309 ARS1012 ARS1112 ARS1212 ARS1312 ARS1024 ARS1124 ARS1224 ARS1324 ARS3403 ARS3503 ARS3603 ARS344H ARS354H ARS364H ARS3409 ARS3509 ARS3609 ARS3412 ARS3512 ARS3612 ARS3424 ARS3524 ARS3624 ARS3003 ARS3103 ARS3203 ARS3303 ARS304H ARS314H ARS324H ARS334H ARS3009 ARS3109 ARS3209 ARS3309 ARS3012 ARS3112 ARS3212 ARS3312 ARS3024 ARS3124 ARS3224 ARS3324 ARS14A03 ARS15A03 ARS16A03 ARS14A4H ARS15A4H ARS16A4H ARS14A09 ARS15A09 ARS16A09 ARS14A12 ARS15A12 ARS16A12 ARS14A24 ARS15A24 ARS16A24 ARS10A03 ARS11A03 ARS12A03 ARS10A4H ARS11A4H ARS12A4H ARS10A09 ARS11A09 ARS12A09 ARS10A12 ARS11A12 ARS12A12 ARS10A24 ARS11A24 ARS12A24 ARS14Y03 ARS15Y03 ARS16Y03 ARS14Y4H ARS15Y4H ARS16Y4H ARS14Y09 ARS15Y09 ARS16Y09 ARS14Y12 ARS15Y12 ARS16Y12 ARS14Y24 ARS15Y24 ARS16Y24 ARS10Y03 ARS11Y03 ARS12Y03 ARS10Y4H ARS11Y4H ARS12Y4H ARS10Y09 ARS11Y09 ARS12Y09 ARS10Y12 ARS11Y12 ARS12Y12 ARS10Y24 ARS11Y24 ARS12Y24

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