With more than 40 years' experience in the export distribution of electronic components, our team of sourcing and logistics specialists can help manufacturers get the parts they need to keep projects on track.
We hold an extensive stock of current and obsolete, hard-to-find and end-of-life electronic components.

Why Choose Euro-Tech?

With a multitude of suppliers in the marketplace, why choose Euro-Tech?

Over 40 years of export proficiency

Our experienced team have the highest level of product knowledge and technical expertise


We know the provenance of our product and work with a trusted and verified network of reliable global suppliers


Euro-Tech believe a customer focused philosophy is key to success

Part of APC Technology Group

Technical knowledge and access to an impressive range of specialist electronic components and systems from leading franchises and global technology leaders

We specialise in electronic components for demanding projects

Euro-Tech offers export distribution of electronic components and associated products, such as consumables, to support defence, aerospace, transport, critical national infrastructure, and medical applications.

Working with both manufacturers and contract manufacturers, the Euro-Tech team is highly experienced, with a long heritage in understanding the complexities of supplying semiconductors, actives, passives, and E-mech whilst navigating the export legislation surrounding them. The team also offer sourcing solutions in relation to end of life and obsolete components.

Defence spares and procurement.

Supporting the defence and aerospace industry

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