TT Welwyn : High Power (4)

High Power Resistors are used to dissipate electrical energy or to to generate heat. Often used mounted to heatsinks, they require knowledge of thermal management.

Below 100 Watts standard semiconductor designs are normally used whereas larger Wattage designs normally utalise off-pcb designs such as Thick Film on Steel.


Image Type Description Data Mounting Package Technology Power Rating Limiting Element Voltage Resistance Min Resistance Max Tolerance (± %) TCR (± ppm/ °C) Application Approvals
SQM2Radial ceramic case power wirewoundDatasheet Through holeRadialWirewound2W150V100mΩ27Ω5%350High powerNone
WA83General purpose cement coated wirewoundDatasheet Through holeAxialWirewound2W50V50mΩ900Ω1%200High powerNone
AS1CSemi-precision power wirewoundDatasheet Through holeAxialWirewound1W0mV50mΩ2kΩ0.5%20High powerNone
MF1SPower metal filmDatasheet Through holeAxialMetal film1W350V100mΩ1MΩ1%150High powerNone
AS1Semi-precision power wirewoundDatasheet Through holeAxialWirewound1W0mV100mΩ7.5kΩ0.5%20High powerNone
MFP1Flameproof power metal filmDatasheet Through holeAxialMetal film1W350V100mΩ1MΩ1%100High powerNone
WA82General purpose cement coated wirewoundDatasheet Through holeAxialWirewound1W50V68mΩ430Ω1%200High powerNone
MFR4PMetal filmDatasheet Through holeAxialMetal film600mW250V1MΩ1%50High powerNone
MF1/2SPower metal filmDatasheet Through holeAxialMetal film500mW350V100mΩ1MΩ1%150High powerNone
AS1/2Semi-precision power wirewoundDatasheet Through holeAxialWirewound500mW0mV100mΩ6kΩ0.5%20High powerNone
AS1/4Semi-precision power wirewoundDatasheet Through holeAxialWirewound250mW0mV100mΩ1kΩ0.5%20High powerNone
WMHP-HS-25Heatsink for WMHP series high power resistorsDatasheet Through holeRadialNaNmWNaNmVNaNmΩNaNmΩNaN%High powerNone

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