Hot Parts

Some of our specialist or 'Hot' parts are listed below.

Datasheets are available to download where available.

BCY89, BCY88, BCY87 - Philips Semiconductor

SL560CCM, SL560CBCM - Plessey Semiconductor

ML4669CQ - Micro Linear

OAR5-R05JI - TT Welwyn

OARS1 Series - TT Welwyn

4310R-101-472LF - Bourns

B65843-A-Y38 - Epcos

GS360 / DP50 - C.I.F. Athelec

HFBR-0501 - Avago Technologies

B44066D7100M400 - Epcos

GE13971 - MPD Components

1/839 - Kay Elemetrics

D803T-024KA-3 - Micronel

DF12(3.0)-80DS-0.5V(86) - Hirose

APT2X101D120J - Microsemi (now Microchip)

CM200DY-24NF - Mitsubishi

BCAP0350 E270 T11 - Maxwell Technologies

FV Spares - A range of hard to find FV Spares

Radar Spares - A range of hard to find UK BAE & Marconi Spares

Aircraft PSU Spares - A range of hard to find aircraft PSU spares.

Teledyne e2v -Teledyne's range of Lifesycled Managed components.

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