TT Welwyn : High Voltage (2)

High Voltage Resistors are an essential part of many products such as electrostatic paint spraying equipment or defibrillators.

Thick film technology is often used which allows the manufacyure of very high values, in chip form for compact designs or cylindrical form for very high voltages over 30kV


Image Type Description Data Mounting Package Technology Power Rating Limiting Element Voltage Resistance Min Resistance Max Tolerance (± %) TCR (± ppm/ °C) Application Approvals
HVC2512High voltage chipDatasheet SMD - solderChip 2512Thick film1W3kV10kΩ1GΩ0.5%50High value / voltageAEC-Q200
HVD08High voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film750mW7.5kV10kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVD12High voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film1.5W10kV50kΩ2GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVD15High voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film2.5W15kV100kΩ2GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVD20High voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film3.5W20kV100kΩ5GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVD30High voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film4.5W30kV100kΩ5GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVP04High voltage planarDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film400mW2kV1kΩ250MΩ0.5%100High value / voltageNone
HVP06High voltage planarDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film600mW5kV1.5kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVP08High voltage planarDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film800mW7.5kV2kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVP10High voltage planarDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film1W10kV3kΩ2GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVP15High voltage planarDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film1.5W15kV4kΩ5GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
HVP20High voltage planarDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film2W20kV5kΩ10GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
LHVC0603Lower range high voltage chipDatasheet SMD - solderChip 0603Thick film100mW200V100kΩ10MΩ1%200High value / voltageNone
LHVC0805Lower range high voltage chipDatasheet SMD - solderChip 0805Thick film125mW400V100kΩ10MΩ1%200High value / voltageNone
LHVC1206Lower range high voltage chipDatasheet SMD - solderChip 1206Thick film250mW500V100kΩ10MΩ1%200High value / voltageNone
LHVC2010Lower range high voltage chipDatasheet SMD - solderChip 2010Thick film500mW1.6kV50kΩ10MΩ1%200High value / voltageAEC-Q200
LHVC2512Lower range high voltage chipDatasheet SMD - solderChip 2512Thick film1W2kV50kΩ10MΩ1%200High value / voltageNone
MH25High voltage metal filmDatasheet Through holeAxialMetal film250mW1.6kV100kΩ10MΩ1%100High value / voltageNone
MH37High voltage metal filmDatasheet Through holeAxialMetal film500mW3.5kV100kΩ3MΩ1%100High value / voltageNone
RHVD08Robust high voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film500mW7.5kV10kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
RHVD10Robust high voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film750mW10kV50kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
RHVD10ARobust high voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film1W10kV100kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
RHVD15Robust high voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film1.5W15kV100kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
RHVD15ARobust high voltage dividerDatasheet Through holeRadialThick film2W15kV100kΩ1GΩ0.25%25High value / voltageNone
T43High voltage precision thick filmDatasheet Through holeAxialThick film1.5W4kV10kΩ10GΩ1%25High value / voltageNone
T44High voltage precision thick filmDatasheet Through holeAxialThick film3.5W14kV10kΩ50GΩ1%25High value / voltageNone
T48High voltage precision thick filmDatasheet Through holeAxialThick film10W50kV33kΩ50GΩ1%25High value / voltageNone
VRW25High voltage thick filmDatasheet Through holeAxialThick film250mW1.6kV100kΩ30MΩ1%200High value / voltageNone
VRW37High voltage thick filmDatasheet Through holeAxialThick film500mW3.5kV100kΩ30MΩ1%200High value / voltageNone
VRW68High voltage thick filmDatasheet Through holeAxialThick film1W10kV100kΩ68MΩ1%200High value / voltageNone

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