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AB Elektronik are proud of being a recognised worldwide partner in development and production for electronic accelerator pedals in renowned OEM car and commercial vehicle applications. In Europe AB Elektronik is the market leader in pedals for the medium and heavy truck segment.

Product requirements have undergone tremendous development since AB launched the first electronic contactless accelerator pedal with Hall-effect sensor technology in 1998. Apart from different technologies and designs for car and commercial vehicle applications, it is the different standards across the world which have had the most varied effect on AB's portfolio regarding mechanical design and electronic interfaces.

AB Elektronik pedals

Large Volumes and Version Diversity

AB Elektronik's strength is undoubtedly the diversity of versions and technology our customers can expect. Contactless sensor technologies and potentiometers are to be found in high-end pedals and best cost designs are used as desired. The focus is just as much on tailoring the product to the particular customer application as on using base components for economic implementation of projects. Special characteristics like flexible mounting to reduce the risk of injury or the special kick-down in commercial vehicles are just a few of the additional advantages for AB's customers that bolster their market position.

Innovativeness and experience
  • Extensive company patents such as the Autopad® sensor technology (inductive, contactless)
  • Production of > 3.5 million accelerator pedals annually at our locations in Europe and Asia

Technical diversity for your special requirements
  • Suspended and upright designs
  • Wide technology portfolio available (potentiometer or contactless Hall-effect or Autopad® sensor technologies)
  • Analogue or digital signals
  • Different kick-down designs deployable

Other product characteristics
  • Robust
  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • Quiet

Technical highlights
  • Change in the force curve by actuators: e.g. information is transmitted via different vibration processes from the pedal plate to the driver
  • Optimised crash pedal: reduction in the force acting on the driver's foot in a crash by special mounting of the pedal plate
  • Metal surface pedal plates for exclusive vehicle equipment

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