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AMCOM WAS Established in 1996 by a group of microwave designers experienced in both microwave circuit design and microwave device fabrication technology.

AMCOM is a leading manufacturer of power FETs, MMIC power amplifiers, as well as high-power amplifier modules with RF and DC connectors.

Available from Euro-Tech, and backed by our parent company, APC Technology Group's specialist RF and Microwave team, AMCOM's specialty products include high-power, broadband, high-efficiency power amplifiers. AMCOM's capabilities include: active device design, MMIC design and power amplifier module design. In addition, they are experts in device/MMIC packaging, module assembly and RF/DC testing. For active devices, AMCOM either procures parts such as silicon LDMOS, or GaN HEMT, or we use a semiconductor foundry to fabricate our own proprietary device/MMIC.

AMCOM also specialise is custom designing MMICs and modules for our customers' specific needs. The custom products include all front-end components such as low-noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, switches, attenuators, phase shifters, and up/down converters. We make every effort to meet our customers' performance requirements including size and weight. 

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If you have a requirement for AMCOM product, either in the U.K. or you require an import we are able to help. Please call us on +44 (0) 208 760 7300, email us at or use the form below to contact us and let us help.


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