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The Harting Technology Group is 100% family owned and a leading global supplier of industrial connectivity technology for the three major business lines of Data, Signal and Power.

Established in 1949 in a small German town, producting hotplates, irons and electric fences, Harting has grown to become one of the worlds major manufacturers of commercial connectors.

Harting ranges include:

  • Industrial connectors:
    • Han® Range - A wide range of connectors with multiple termination styles, inserts, hoods/housings and accessories.
      • Han® A - Slim (Up to 16 amps)
      • Han® D / DD/ DDD - up to 216 contacts
      • Han® E/ES/ESS/EE/EEE - 16 Amps
      • Han® Hv E/HV ES - High voltage
      • Han-Com® - Combination connectors
      • Han-Modular® - modular connectors
      • Han®  HsB - High current
      • Han® AV - Terminal block connectors
      • Staf® - Low voltages
      • Han-Snap® - used in switch cabinets
      • Han-Port® - Interface for power and signals
      • Han® Q - Compact connectors
      • Han® HC-Modular - High current connectors
      • Han-Power® - Energy bus components
      • Han® HMC - High mating cycles
      • Han® High Temp - for high temperatures
      • Han-Brid® - Industrial bus interface
      • Han® PCB Termination
      • Han-Yellock®
      • Han-Eco®
  • RFID
    • Ha-VIS RFID System
      • Software
      • Communication Interfaces
      • Antennae
      • Transponders
      • Readers
      • Smart Labels
  • Modified products
    • Potting
      • A solid solution for attaching wires
      • Available for electrical and electronic connectors
      • Also possible for small quantities
    • Modified connectors
      • Extensions to cable entries
      • Large cable diameters are possible
      • Han-Quintax® and Han-Modular®
    • Modified housings
      • Standard components adapted to customer-specific solutions
      • Additional drilled holes for multiple cable entries
      • Printed information
      • Special colours
      • Customised brackets for shielding and earthing
    • Power supply
      • Extension option for standard housings
      • Cable entry for power cables
      • This solution provides more space for wiring the cables
  • Interface connectors
    • T1 Industrial - IEC 63171-6 Single pair ethernet networks eith standar cabling.
    • ix industrial - Compact and robust connectors - Transmission rates up to 10Gb/s. High mating cycles. Vibrartion resistant.
    • Push Pull connectors - All purpose use for data, signal and power. Thermoplastic or metal. IP ratings up to IP67
    • RJ Industrial Ethernet Data Interfaces - Toolless connectors. Data transmission up to 10Gb/s
    • preLink Ethernet cabling systems - replaceable mating face
    • har-port Services Interface - Service interfaces for commissioning and maintenance Suitable for M22.5 wall cut-outs Easy and quick installation
    • Circular connectors - M8, M12 and 7/8" All-purpose use for data, signal and power
    • D-Sub Subminiture D connectors - Standard, Power, coaxial, IP 67 and filter MVB, WTB, CAN, Profibus, RS232 interfaces
    • har-link Interface connectors - High shielding efficiency Robust locking for use in modern bus systems
    • Bus Interface - Good EMC characteristics, mechanical strength and easy handling MVB, WTB, CAN, FIP and Profibus
  • Current measurement
    • Current sensors - Useing proven Hall effect technology Industrial version Railway version Very precise current measurements for AC, DC and mixed signals 200 to 2000 A
    • Current transformers - Ffor measurement and tests Best accuracy classes Suitable for invoicing purposes Calibration available.
  • PCB connectors
    • har-flex® - Miniature connector Contact spacing 1.27 mm 2 rows 6 to 100 contacts
    • har-flexicon® - PCB terminals for single wires 1 row Up to 25 contacts Fully automatic processing
    • har-bus® - 64 Connector for VME 64x Contact spacing 2.54 mm acc. to IEC 61076-4-113 5 rows Up to 160 contacts Backward compatible with DIN 41612 type C
    • DIN 41612 - Contact spacing 2.54 mm acc. to IEC 60603-2 3 rows Up to 96 contacts PCB to PCB, mezzanine or cable-to-PCB
    • SEK IDC connectors - Contact spacing 2.54 mm acc. to IEC 60603-13 2 rows Up to 64 contacts PCB to cable
    • TCA connector - High speed ​connectors for the ATCA standard Contact spacing 0.75 mm acc. to PICMG AMC.0 and PICMG MTCA.0 R1.0 Data transmission up to 12.5 Gbit/s Up to 170 contacts
    • har-bus® HM Hard metric connectors - Contact spacing 2 mm acc. to IEC 61076-4-101 5 to 8 rows Up to 308 contacts CompactPCI
    • Micro Card Edge Connectors - High speed ​​SMT connectors Contact spacing 0.8 mm 40 or 100 contacts Tape & reel
    • Mini Coax Multi coaxial connector system - Press-in termination 50 Ohm 1 to 2 rows Up to 10 contacts Up to 2.5 GHz


We have listed a proportion of the Harting range we are able to supply here but this is not a comprehensive list.

If you have a requirement for an Harting product, either in the U.K. or you require an import we are able to help.

Please call us on +44 (0) 208 760 7300, email us at sales@eurotech.co.uk or use the form below to contact us and let us help.


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